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World Kindness Day Celebration Ideas - Family Inspirational Gift List Published

Quinnlyn and Co. have released their 2021 list of celebration ideas for World Kindness Day, to be celebrated November 13, in an effort to inspire others to live a healthier, kinder life.

The list includes 30 ideas that anyone can draw from to make the world around them a better place, whether in celebration of the holiday or in life more generally. The ideas range from ways to improve the world to methods to make a family member’s day more pleasant.

Quinnlyn and Co. have published this list in observance of World Kindness day, but also more broadly as a part of their belief in the power of words and positive thinking. To reinforce this, they are encouraging positive action, promoting mental and physical wellness.

World Kindness Day is a globally celebrated holiday established in 1998 by a collection of NGOs. These organizations met in Tokyo and agreed on a yearly event to promote peace and kindness. It has been celebrated every year since, and has expanded from its original 28 countries to 34 official participants today.

In recognition of this occasion, Quinnlyn and Co. recommend a number of strategies to improve the world. Among them are several which can be completed online, such as posting a positive product review or leaving a compliment on a social media post.

Other strategies include spreading joy in the real world through small acts of kindness. One example they provide is to bring an extra lunch for someone who may be short on food. Another convenient option, says Quinnlyn and Co., is to give a surprise gift.

This last act of kindness can be carried out easily, as Quinnlyn and Co., outside of their positivity initiatives, are also purveyors of quality gifts and greeting cards. These products are available through their online shop and include jewelry, framed inscriptions, and apparel. All products come with a warranty with free shipping on orders over $35.

As a company, Quinnlyn and Co. are committed to self-expression and helping others to bring positive energy into the world. Their mission statement is to connect loved ones with the perfect gift for any occasion.