At Quinnlyn & Co, we firmly believe in the power of words, but we understand that the right language can be hard to come by. Often, people can’t find the perfect words to express how we truly feel.

That’s where Quinnlyn & Co comes in. We’re here to help you share your thoughts. Compliments and expressions of love shouldn’t be held within.

It all began with our founder, Alex. He barely knew his father after they were separated by war. Decades later, they finally were able to communicate — but were restricted by post-war conditions. They began writing letters to each other. Alex’s father, a former journalist, had only his typewriter, his pen, and his talent for words. In his letters to Alex, he encouraged him to be well, do good, and spread kindness.

“Where you are now son, you have many opportunities,” he wrote. “You have the opportunity to choose to be anything you want. When given a choice, I hope you always choose to be kind.”

Moved by his father’s words, Alex started Quinnlyn & Co as a way to spread kindness through the power of words. Words provide us with the inspiration for our work as we endeavor to create and express meaning for our loved ones. In honor of Alex’s father, who typed out such deep wisdom and heartwarming messages by hand, we use a typewriter as our symbol.

The name Quinnlyn means “Perfect, Gift, or Full of Love,” depending on the language, and all three meanings connect to our mission: To connect loved ones with the perfect gift.