People say that “Life is always better with sisters”.  Having a sibling whether younger, older, or who is almost your age, is the best feeling in the world. You know you have a friend for life where you can discuss anything and everything. Conversations can vary from the most important thing about life to the silliest thing which happened to them.  There is no other bond like sisters. Sisters are always approachable and they give the most honest opinions. Sisters can also be the most lovable enemies anyone can have. You can have the worst fight with your sister, but then after an hour or so of fighting, you are back together and maybe laughing about what you just fought about. To celebrate sisterhood and National Sisters Day on August 1, we’ll share with you some answers from this Reddit thread below:

The day my sister risked herself to protect me from our rapist. She put a stop to it for good saved us both! My sister is my hero and she has no idea how much I appreciate her.



My sister and I shared a room together for the longest time. It wasn’t until we were nearly teens that we decided to separate. There were always extra rooms in the house but we didn’t want to be apart. Some of my best memories are just laying in our beds in the dark and making each other laugh all night long.



My sister is 7 years younger than me. Summer time and mom is at work, dad is looking after us and my sister is maybe 3 or so. Dad falls asleep, I’m admittedly not paying attention to my sister. Dad wakes up and can’t find my sister. Looks all over the house and he can’t find her, he’s panicking, I’m panicking. He starts running around the yard trying to find her. He’s about to call the police when I hear giggling coming from her bedroom. She’s most definitely hiding in the clothes hamper, buried under a pile of dirty clothes.

She was a shit disturber then, and remains a shit disturber to this day.


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I feel like we’re still making some of our best memories! We were pretty different as kids (I always wanted alone time, and she was always chasing after me to play, à la “Frozen”), but we always loved playing goofy make-believe games together when we felt like it. Now, I think we’ve realized that two years is NOT a big age difference at all… we have made amazing memories visiting each other’s college parties, seeing each other’s apartments, bonding over our mutual botched attempts at “adulting,” etc. Sometimes it takes a bit to grow into a close relationship with a sibling.


Some of my favorite memories with my sisters (and my little brother) were when we were younger, they would beg me to play certain video games so they could watch me play. We spent hours playing through Legend of Zelda games, Portal 1 & 2, and a few others. In the summer we would hang out outside all day, and then stay up until we dropped from exhaustion either playing one of those games or hopping on a Minecraft server together.


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My older sister and I have always been close. We have four brothers and while they were extremely overprotective of us girls, we didn’t have the same bond with them that my sister and I had. My sister and I shared clothes, went on double dates and she counseled me on many things. My mother wasn’t the first one I turned to when I first got my period- it was my sister. There are many great memories I have of us growing up, but the best one was going out to eat at IHOP once a week- sometimes there were other people with us, sometimes just us two. But it was like a ritual between us and in those few hours we shared so many secrets, laughter and fun times. And if we had some money left over, we’d purchase a whole pie to take home.


Whispering jokes to her while we were with our grandparents at church and watching her shake trying to keep in her laughter while our nana gave us death looks. I can always make her laugh.


My (36F) sister (48F) is 12 years older than I am and often served as a second mom rather than a sister because we were poor. She has 4 kids now so doing purely sister stuff is hard even tho we’ve done a lot of mom/aunt stuff like the zoo or whatever. About 4-5 years ago, New Kids on the Block did some mixtape tour with Paula Abdul, Otown, Boyz II Men, 98*, etc. and a coworker of mine had last minute tickets she couldn’t use. It was a few hours away and only like three days notice so I didn’t think my sister would even be able to go since she has so many young children but my BIL stepped up to the plate and made it happen! It turned out that coworker I didn’t know very well was a “super fan” so we wound up 10th row in a massive stadium and had a BLAST