World Kindness Day is celebrated every November 13, but we could all use a little more kindness throughout the year. Doing one tiny act of kindness can change your world and the world around you. If you are looking for the best way to make this world a better place, be kind.

Make a note to do nice things throughout the day. Are you looking for ideas? We’ve collected a few that will get you started.

Here are 30 random acts of kindness you can do to celebrate.

  1. Give out at least three compliments today.
  2. Be a baby/dog/cat-sitter for the day – for free.
  3. Plant a tree.
  4. Pick up the tab for the person behind you in line — at the cafe, in the grocery store, even in the drive thru.
  5. Prepare two lunches: One for yourself and another for giving to someone.
  6. Write a list of things you love about a family member or friend and give it to them.
  7. Teach someone a skill.
  8. Take time to listen to your grandparents reminisce about the “good old days”
  9. Tell someone thank you. Start with janitors, teachers, nurses or anyone who you feel is under-appreciated.
  10. Tip generously.
  11. Volunteer to teach English classes and take an interest in the other person’s culture
  12. Support local businesses.
  13. Call your mom. (No really, she misses you.)
  14. Bring coloring books to the children’s hospital.
  15. Donate a copy of your favorite book to a library.
  16. Leave positive comments for people on social media.
  17. Teach random acts of kindness to your kids.
  18. Start an online fundraising page to help someone cover medical bills, accomplish a goal or fulfill a dream.
  19. Post a Positive Review
  20. While out shopping, hide notes in clothing merchandise pockets with body positive messages.
  21. Post an Encouraging Quote on Social Media
  22. Adopt a rescue animal or volunteer at your local shelter.
  23. Call Someone Who Lives Alone
  24. Send a Surprise Gift
  25. At the grocery store, buy an extra treat and give it to the cashier or grocery bagger.
  26. Thank a Teacher
  27. Encourage others to pass it on by leaving them a kindness card.
  28. Help a senior with their groceries.
  29. Pick up litter on the beach
  30. Donate Christmas gifts to an orphanage
world kindness day random acts of kindness

Now that you’ve got some ideas for random acts of kindness, go with this list or think of some ideas of your own. We’ve created a printable version so you can track your progress and share it with friends. You may enjoy the feeling you get from random acts of kindness so much that being kind to others becomes a consistent part of your everyday life.